Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tantric Training Wheels: 21st April Johannesburg

10 a.m. till finish around 6p.m.

In many ways we have contracted against the experiencing of our lives. We have been taught much of who we are, what we yearn for or desire is wrong. There are deep rooted fears associated with simply following our natural impulses. Therefore we refuse these impulses and shut down against our true nature living marginal and often desperate lives. Much of the time we do not begin to realise how contracted our lives have become.

Tantra is a path of reclaiming our original wholeness. Tantra can be confronting as it will challenge and often crumble core beliefs that have held the contraction against the self in place. In the western culture much contraction is held within the sexuality and we must often drag the sexuality kicking and screaming from the basements of our unconscious minds - back to the light - the conscious awareness.

On this workshop day we will practise the beginning techniques of accessing unconscious contraction through the doorway of body. Be beware of the word beginning; the techniques you learn with us at the early stage of Tantra will continue to be used at very advanced levels of Tantra. One could compare it to the learning of music - you will learn how to play the C Chord on the guitar in your beginning lessons and slowly become a master of this chord over time.

As we are able to access and drop mind and body contraction our ability to experience bliss is deepened as is our ability to move in choice into our lives. We able to be in our experience without the dictatorial voices of the many minds from our past.

We invite you to join us on this journey, this celebration of our freedom and the return to the truth of who we are.

The cost of the day: R570 - a deposit of R250 is required to secure your booking.

There will be some light refreshment provided. A detailed description of what you are required to bring to the workshop will be provided on registration.

Please contact Shima at 0845911211 or at