Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Lotus

The Lotus

The Tantric path of healing or wholeness looks deeply into how we reclaim our sexuality. Much bliss, laughter, mystery, truth is held in the denied sexuality.

The workshop will be dedicated to the enquiry into places where we deny and repress our sexuality. What do we refuse of ourselves, where will we not go, what will we not embrace?

How does this refusal impact on our fullness, on our wholeness?

On this day we will invite the return of our sexuality.

This will be the last workshop held at this beautiful venue.

Beginners and those who have already begun their journey are welcome. You may bring your partner or come alone.

The Lotus cannot grow without her roots in the mud.

Venue: Shakti Khaya

Date: 20th October

Time: 14:30 – around 22:00

Cost: R600

RSVP / Enquiries: Shima 0845911211 or /