Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tantra School Level I: Enter the body

This is a series of 6 evenings and one workshop / ceremony day.

These classes will be two-fold focused: what prevents our authenticity and practice that facilitates the return and the expression of our essence.

What prevents intimacy, bliss in the meeting of our bodies and the sharing of deep love?

The classes will dive deep into our most intimate spaces and invite you on this adventure that you can only know in the living of it.

Each week we will enquire into this contraction against ourselves and our living and we will practice Tantra in a group environemt where the powerful group energy can greatly assist our journey.

Starting date: 7 April at 19:15

Cost: R2100 or 1900 if R450 deposit received by 31 March

Requirements: a questionaire and an interview if you are new to the school

If you are interested I can provide you with more detailed course contents. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

You can contact me on 084591211 or


Tantra Talk Sunday 30th March

Tantra Talk Sunday 30th March

Venue: Fellside, Norwood

Cost: R120

RSVP: Shima: 0845911211 /