Saturday, September 06, 2008

14 September Tantra Talk

Meeting the Inner Lover

In the practical element of the last talk we introduced the concept of meeting your own energy in love making. We are always giving our energy away and trying to meet others without ever truly meeting ourselves. If you cannot meet yourself and allow and know your own energy then you will not meet the lover in fullness. When lovers meet in this way they have nothing to share and only wish their incessant needs to be met. A cycle of dissatisfaction and longing perpetuates itself.

We will discuss this element of refusing your own energy and the consequential destructive relationship cycles that follow. A practical exercise will end the evening that will assist you in allowing your own energies. This is beginning practice that ultimate opens possibilities of very juicy lovemaking.

Venue: Fellside, Norwood

Date: Sunday 14th September

Time: 16h00 - 19h00

Cost: R140

RSVP: Shima; / 0845911211