Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Return to the Wild Woman: 24 - 26 October

Tantra Retreat for Women

by Shakti and Shima

24 - 26 October Broederstroom, one hour from Johannesburg
28 - 30 November, Blue Hippo, Greyton

Within each one of us resides a wild, untamed spirit - the authentic woman. It is the place inside us that holds truth and essence. Over many thousands of years we have forgotten our power and refused our wildness. We are living in an era where Women walk free again . Tantra, the ancient art of sacred sexuality, believes that women will lead humanity into awakening. We will do this when we open up to the totality of who we are, and to the full flowering of our sexuality.

There is the inner and the outer aspect of truth. On the workshop you will first explore and meet the inner temple. In ancient times, women were initiated into the art of sacred sexuality in temples built for this purpose. In our times, the temple is inside each one of us. Our bodies are the temple of the wild, magnificent goddess waiting to be revealed.

From the place of inner temple we meet the tribe of women. A tribe of women, who are finding the courage to meet their sisters in truth, and drop the old suppressions.

Finally, we evoke an ancient ritual. This ritual of the old Tantra Temples, is of women dancing, without veils, without ideas, without beliefs, dancing essence.As we learn to listen to our bodies and dance their wild, ecstatic dances, we touch the great mystery of Woman.

Who will answer the call?

Do you have a passion and a desire to live and love with totality?
Do you long to deepen awareness of your sexuality as a woman?
Are you willing to stand naked in your authentic wildness?

Then come, hear the call of the wild self, the self that has never been captured. This is who you are.

This sacred work will be facilitated by two Tantra Dakinis, Shima and Shakti

Shima facilitates Tantra groups and individual and couple sessions in Johannesburg. Shakti runs a Tantra practice in Cape Town and has presented numerous retreats and workshops; see www.shakti.co.za.

Cost and bookings

The cost of the weekend, including facilitation, accommodation and meals, is R2 300 pp. We are expecting significant interest and places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. For inquiries and bookings of the Broederstroom workshop, contact Shima: shima@shima.co.za 0845911211
For inquiries and bookings of the Greyton workshop, contact Shakti: shakti@shakti.co.za 0833010399,