Monday, February 01, 2010

What is Tantra? Johannesburg, Feb 2010

Is it a euphemism for sex work? Is it a religion? Is it a spiritual path? What is the relevance of ancient oriental practice in our modern world? This is an exploration of the history and practice of Tantra in the past and the evolution of modern practice and understanding.

A three week course one evening a week guided by Rahasya and Dakini Wendy.

Over the three weeks, you will explore:

  • The history, purpose and intent of Tantra.
  • The systems of the chakra and guided meditation
  • The truth contained in eroticism and fantasy.
Sunday afternoon/evenings
By request, we will be teaching a second, identical course on Sundays
for those of you who cannot make the Tuesdays.

4 - 7pm, Sunday 14 Feb, 21 and 28 Feb
  To book, call Dakini Wendy on 082 369 5437
Venue: Parktown, Johannesburg.
Cost: R900.00 (yes, the whole course)