Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tantric Touch Groups, Johannesburg 16 Feb to 9 Apr

Lost in the wilderness between true awareness and the senses,
I suddenly woke inside myself like a lotus opening in waterweeds.


Guided by Wendy and Rahasya, this 9-week course is an exploration of Tantric Practice, with an emphasis on body work and practical techniques.

  • Beginners: Wednesdays  7pm-10pm
  • Intermediate and Advanced: Saturdays 7pm-10pm
Beginner Cost: R1 100. Venue: Parktown
Intermediate Cost: R1 100.Venue: Parktown
Advanced Cost: R1 600 Venue: Good Vibrations, Rivonia

Contact: Wendy



BEGINNER: Getting In Touch

16 February, 23 February, 2 March

  • Welcoming, introduction to the purpose and methods of Tantra, history of Tantric traditions across the world.
  • Discovering your masculine and feminine aspects.
  • Opening to the mystery of blessing another.
  • Sensing the chakras: The main centers along the pathways of sexual energy.
  • Revealing the hidden truth behind eroticism and fantasy.
  • Releasing old habits and resolving difficulties around your own sexuality.
  • Calling in the aliveness of your energy.


5 March, 12 March, 19 March

Requirements: Either the beginner group or equivalent work with us. Interview.
  • Exploring your own visual eroticism, facing taboos around nakedness,deconditioning visual eroticism.
  • Touch as meditation, learning attunement and sensitivity in touch.
  • Understanding more about the energies of giving and receiving.
  • Meeting your body on the level of it's subtle energies, breathing and chi gong.
  • Clearing false associations relating to issues around touch, love and sex. Skills for opening to unconditional love.

ADVANCED: Embodied Understanding

26 March, 2 April, 9 April

Requirements: Either the intermediate group or equivalent work with us. Interview.
  • The kundalini energy, nervous system and meditation.
  • Receiving a chakra massage and be guided in giving this massage to another.
  • Learning presence and connection in this Tantric touch technique.
  • The philosophy and secret teachings of Tantra.
  • Introducing sex as meditation, the transition from the erotic to the transcendent.

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