Friday, February 11, 2011

Reclaiming Sexual Energy

Human beings have become overly civilised and sexuality is not born in civilisation. We have become attached and emphasised in civility.

Long ago you were a free and wild being who belonged to this earth and the earth to you. No -one was your keeper. You have become tamed cultured civilised. You have traded your being for predictability and safety. You have forgotten the soft beast your body.

If you wish to experience your free sexuality you must be willing to drop your expectation of cultured order and predictability. Be willing to risk a little exposure allowing freedom in yourself and others.

Most people are trying to get something from each other as opposed to share their profound and full nature. If you remain in the former you will always be short changed and hungry.

Come to know your own nature, your own sexual energy and then your meetings with others radically transform into wild untamed encounters in bed and outside of it.

I offer you a key but you need to step up to the door and beyond ..

In this workshop;

I will explore the ways that masculine and feminine sexuality differ and how we can again come to the real expression of our sexuality. This exploration will be followed by a physical meditation that calls the sexual energy powerfully and intentionally.

This is a group meditation and the energy created within the group supports this process and deepens the possibilities, but the majority of the evening will be a solo exploration. First you meet your energy before you can share it with another.

The details;

16th February

Wednesday 7:30pm till 10pm

Fellside, Johannesburg ( a few minutes from Norwood )


The venue has limited space so it is on a first come first serve basis. Please contact me on or 0845911211 to confirm your place.

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