Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Woman, Love thyself

Woman, love thyself

12th - 14th August, Magaliesburg

Deep within every woman is spaciousness where the nectar of joy, creativity and sexual bliss overflows. This spaciousness or womb of Existence is the core of the feminine energy.

In the last several thousand years of patriarchy women have lost the connection to the deep inner flow of the feminine. Through this false learning and conditioning, women refuse the true feminine and supplant the feminine with an ide...a of who they should be. This idea is the anchor of ego and the consequential inner forcing, in lieu of inner flowing.

The feminine is a wild and free river guiding you deeper each moment into the abundant flowering of woman.

This retreat space invites a depth inquiry into your false ideas of the feminine, and in dropping this filter, see her true face.

Fall in love ... with yourself. Into the inner lands, calling the return of sacred sexuality, the river of the feminine, we flow into the forgotten mysteries of the Beloved.

The ancient tantric way will assist you through this unknown terrain, as will the intention and conscious direction of the group energy.

The retreat is for women who have begun the inner journey and are familiar with some practice of yoga, dance, tai chi, tantra, shamanism or other conscious practice.


Shima opening Lotus

Shima has devoted her life to the journey of truth and is intimate with shamanic, advaita and tantric medicines.

In gathering these medicines and understandings she traveled and loved masters in the United States, India and South Africa.

Under the guidance of these deeply aware masters she came to know and dance the Dakini.

Now on the raft of tantra she guides fellow travelers to the shore of the Beloved.


Melody Hill, Magaliesburg


Friday 18:00 August 12th to Sunday 14:30 August 14th


Facilitation cost : R1600 to R2200 depending on what you can afford.

Accomodation and meals: R700


SHIMA 0845911211 or shima@shima.co.za .. there are limited places .. booking by the 1st of August