Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yogini Adept Training Intensive, Cape Town, 21 -25 March 2012

Yogini Adept Training Intensive 
 21 -25 March 2012
Cape Town

A five day practitioner-level training facilitated by Sw. Rahasya and Dakini Wendy, assisted by Yogini Annwen

This is an absolutely practical training. As you learn techniques, you also experience them, and gain the lessons you will hopefully go on to teach. Over 5 days, you will experience and learn fundamental healing modalities and make significant progress on your own journey on this path. This training is for those intending to work with Tantra.
Following the training, an optional internship leads to practitioner-level certification as a Yogini Adept.
Massage skills and bodywork overview
Working with body armoring and sensuality
Understanding and working with eroticism
Essential meditation techniques for Tantrikas
The course will also include attention to your individual personal growth.

We then offer a three month (earning) internship. We mentor you in the practice of three of the techniques you have learned, working supervised and then alone with our students in our sessions rooms.
Successful completion of your internship is acknowledged by us with our Degree and endorsement as a Yogini Adept (guys, Yogi Adept).
Not all our students intend working as practitioners. It is perfectly good (although challenging) to take this training to accelerate your own progress and capabilities.

More information at the permanent page for Yogini Training.

Cost: R2800

Applications and Venue details: Annwen:  ~  0845887741