Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tantric Embrace Cape 26, 27 May 2012 
Tantric Embrace:
A half day for women with Dakini Wendy
and a half-day for the men with Rahasya,
then a day together, guided by both teachers.
Scarborough (SA) 26 and 27 May 2012

For the women:  Jade Egg workshop 

Facilitated by Dakini Wendy

The energy in our yoni ripples out into our expression in life. 

In this workshop we go through the jade gate which is a sacred passage through the yoni accessing deeper spiritual dimensions. Practices include chi gong, breath work, self love and taoist jade egg practice.

Other benefits of the practice are;
  • Reconnecting with your life force energy
  • Removing stagnant energy
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor
  • Working with sexual reflexology zones
Cost: R850.00 (includes a jade egg)
Time: 10am-2pm
Date: Saturday 26 May
Venue: Beach Bush House Scarborough

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a sarong and a blanket. 

For the men:  Vajra energy

Facilitated by Swami Rahasya

A discussion of male sexuality with suggestions and exercises.
Building Vajra which is the masculine principle of the lingham. Vajra can be defined as the  'diamond' or can also mean 'thunderbolt'. 

Cost: R500.00
Time:  2:30pm-5;30pm
Date: Saturday 26 May
Venue: Beach Bush House Scarborough

For men and women:  Tantric Embrace

Facilitated by Dakini Wendy and Swami Rahasya

An immersion in sacred sexual practices for men and women.

Methods include:
  • Opening to the natural flow of kundalini energy.
  • Deepening into presence in tantric meditation.
  • Discussion and inquiry into conscious sexuality.
Cost: R800.00
Time:  10am-6pm
Date:  Sunday 27 May
Venue: Beach Bush House Scarborough

For inquiries about the workshops and sessions with Wendy or Rahasya contact Annwen:

Yogini Annwen
084 588 7741