Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tantra Massage courses Jhb, July 28/29 and August 25/26

Learn the art of tantric massage facilitated by Dakini Wendy

Massage is a powerful method to access your inner spaces and to greater consciousness. The art of tantric massage can become an ecstatic meditation in both the giving and receiving of it.  In these courses I guide you into being present in the quality of attention you give to touch and opening to bliss. 

Level 1
Saturday 28 July

Energy work:  
Releasing constrictions in breathing , tantric meditations to build more energy in the body and touch exercises on the spine to connect deeply to the flow and pulsations within your body.  

Fundamental massage skills:  
Learning essential full body massage and body work techniques. It is an oil massage designed to give you an outline of several effective techniques to release tension in the body and to open repressed channels from core to periphery so allowing available energy to circulate.  In receiving this massage, surrendering to presence and energy flowing over your skin. 

Level 2 
Sunday 29 July

Tantric  massage:
This massage combines the high-sensitivity tantric techniques with the high-intensity taoist techniques. It is a profound and intimate massage and involves connecting with the energy between the first and fourth energy centers in the body and also the sacred-sexual energy of the yoni/lingham.

Theory from the gross to subtle layers of the body including kundalini flow and spiritual dimensions opened in this massage. You are invited to express what is being felt, process issues, release and relax into the moment.  To reflect and share what is touched. 

Time: 4pm-9pm
Venue: Parktown, Johannesburg
Date: 28/29 July
Cost: R2 150, (R1 100 for Saturday only).

You are welcome to do level 1 only but if you want to do level 2 then you need to attend the Saturday also.

Level 3
Saturday 25 August

Chi Gong and the harmony of the five elements:
You will learn a sequence of five gentle movements . As you let go in the form your mind becomes still and you merge with the elements.  Chi gong brings harmony and balance to the body, through breathing and coordination the five main organ systems of the body as well as the primary meridians through the body are healed.   

Four elements massage:
Having touch that corresponds to the elements earth, water, air and fire. The earth touch is heavy, firm and connects you to the support of the ground. The water element brings in flow to the fluid body and rivers rush through you. The air element is a touch above the body connecting to the auric field and to spirit.  The fire touch evokes the flames of your orgasmic sexual energy.     

Level 4
Sunday 26 August

Tantric and neo-tantric massage:
This massage is an intwining of sensuality and kundalini energy. Sensuality is invited to be a place of presence by allowing the moment to be pleasurable.  A tantric technique called 'The hollow bamboo' connect from the sex centre to the crown chakra. When receiving this massage it is a dance in the realms of love and sex, the revelations about the truth of these and for women a sky dance when the crown chakra opens.

Time: 4pm-9pm
Venue: Parktown, Johannesburg
Date: 25/26 August
Cost: R2 150 and R1 100 for attending either one of the evenings.

Contact Dakini Wendy for bookings on or call 082 369 5437