Saturday, July 21, 2012

From Advaita to Tantra ~ Bridging Philosophy and Practice

Thursday, 26 July 2012
18:15 to 21:30
Awakenings (Dale Simpson's home). 26 upper towers rd, muizenberg,

Join us for a practical exploration of the philosophy which informs this school's practice. 

We have been doing weekly talks in Muizenberg, but from now on our evenings together will become centered on practices 
for self-inquiry and developing presence and awareness with ourselves and others. 

The basic structure will be a talk introduction, followed by an activity, followed by time for sharing and questions. 

There is so much to share with you. From meditations to develop sensitivity to subtle  sensation to those which deal with strong feelings 
of heart ache and loneliness that happen along the way. Then there are practices for presence with the beloved.

Much warmth and looking forward to sharing with you!
Love, Annwen and Rahasya


Cost: R100. R50 for session clients (or minimum if you can’t manage R100)
Tea and snacks provided.
Please arrive for us to begin promptly at 18h30.
call Annwen for enquiries. 0845887741