Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cape Town August 2013

Cape Town, August 2013:

Tantric Awakening group
18 August

Don't Dream it, Be it …
Join us at a Rocky Horror Show in Cape Town

Tantric Depths Group
(eros of money)
24, 25 August

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Tantric Awakening
With Rahasya


Facilitated by Rahasya, who has been initiating and guiding teachers of tantra since 2002. 

What is Tantra?
Tantra is a practical path; it is a set of practices rather than a philosophy or a religion. The teaching reveals itself through personal practice. 
Whether you come to this event as a facilitator of others or purely for your own journey, our focus remains the same: It is through doing your own inner work that you develop the capacity to support others. 
The deeper you dive into your own psyche, the more of you becomes present to radiate awareness into the world.

Of the attitudes, practices, energy work and partner meditations of tantra

Methods that will be used:
Clearing/opening meditations, Tantric greeting and other traditional exercises, breath work, body and mind exercises.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and all sincere seekers of truth of any gender or orientation, single or partnered. Men, women & couples.  You do not need a partner to attend.

 Date: Sunday 18th August
Time: 2pm - 6pm 
Venue: Claremont, CT
Cost: R400

Tantric Depths 1
Eros of Money

Eros leads to Gnosis - Plato

This intensive workshop is an opportunity for deep exploration of your eros and the truths it holds.

Guided by Rahasya, who has been initiating and guiding teachers of tantra since 2002. 

This workshop is open to experienced students of the school and is not suitable for beginners. (NSFB)

Methods and approach:
This is what we call a "practitioner level" group, which means that additional to your work, there may be the opportunity to help and support your fellow participants in their work. 
Methods used on the workshop will include meditation, movement, enactments and guided exploration. There will also be a prescribed (to do at home) exercise after Saturday's session and in preparations for Sundays exploration.

In this workshop we will explore how money influences our sexuality and gets involved in our eroticism. 
Being an intensive group, this exploration will be strongly experiential and is not regarded as safe for beginners.   
This is an experimental & experiential workshop in which you will be encouraged to lean against the cultural habit.
 The depth of experiencing/exploration will be determined by those playing …

Recommended experience:
One of the following: Into The Depths Retreat; Erotic and Beyond group; Totality Therapy Training; Extensive Women's work with Shakti and/or Individual sessions work with Shakti, Rahasya or other practitioner of the school.
 Advanced students of other schools and teachers are also welcome to participate. If you would like to participate and are unsure of your readiness, please get in touch.

Date: Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August
Time: 2pm - 6pm on both days
Venue: Observatory, CT
Cost: R800 

Bookings & Enquiries for all of the above: 
Rhianne van der Linde OR 0836791297
Book soon as places are limited.

Private Sessions with Rahasya 
Claremont: 12th - 26th August
Cost: R1200 per 2 hour session