Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Advaita & Tantra Cape Town 27 Oct 2013

Advaita & Tantra
Facilitated by Rahasya, who has been initiating and guiding teachers of tantra since 2002. 

The philosophy of Advaita is simple, elegant and is based on simple truths with very little in the way of assumption or embellishment. 

Working with the understandings of Advaita in your life can be an excellent yoga of mind-training. 
It can induce awakening – the realization of the path and the arising of the urge to follow it.
 For a seasoned seeker, it is the final philosophy, and it's corollaries of 'non-doing' and 'spontaneous arising' are, for some, the final challenge.

In the mid ground, though, where most seekers spend most of their time, Advaita seems to be gently judgmental of action, softly opposed to engagement with the world, 
and can be a subtle escape from feelings one would prefer to avoid.

Rahasya introduces the tantric understanding of Advaita and explores its implications for those already engaged with their spiritual life.  
Safe for beginners - this workshop will meet you exactly where you are!

We will do the death meditation and another practice or two….
 Date: Sunday 27th October 2013
Time: 2pm - 6pm 
Venue: Jaggers Bowling Club, 39 Strubens Road, Observatory
Cost: R400
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Bookings & Enquiries: Rhianne van der Linde rhiannevdl@gmail.com OR 0836791297
Book soon as places are limited.

Private Sessions with Rahasya in Claremont
22nd Oct - 4th November
Cost: R1200 per 2 hour session
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