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Tantric Fires Retreat 18 - 22 Dec 2013

Tantric Fires 

Intensive Residential Retreat

with Rahasya and Dakini Wendy

18-22 December 2013 
Bodhi Khaya, Stanford, South Africa

A deep immersion in the teachings of this school. 
Touch work is followed by an exploration of eros, which leads us to the sexual meditations of tantra. 
This is a practitioner-level retreat, meaning that you will work closely with the other participants, supporting and assisting their learning as well as your own.

This retreat is recommended for tantrikas of strong intent  and will use exercises and techniques from our touch work, erotic work and tantric meditations.

Touch Work 

Allowing the sensations to flow through as the love of existence,
like wind blowing through a hollow bamboo.

The art of tantric massage can be an ecstatic meditation in both the giving and receiving.
Rahasya and Wendy guide you into being present in the quality of attention you give to touch and opening to bliss.
 Our touch work is an integration of high-sensitivity tantric techniques and high-intensity taoist techniques. 

You are invited to express what is being felt, process issues, relax into the moment.
To reflect and share what is touched.

More about the touch work of Tantra in this article by Rahasya at Mindchaotica:

Fires of Eros

Eros leads us to Gnosis ~ Plato

Eroticism is a kind of dream. It is an imagining of what we think we want which is projected upon our experience.
By reversing our usual tendency of repression, we become aware of our eroticisms. By experiencing our erotic imaginings, we discover the truths which they conceal.
We explore our individual erotic patterns, as well as the cultural eroticism to money and power. Exercises range from guided inquiry to enactment.

More about the erotic work of Tantra in this article by Rahasya at Mindchaotica:

Tantric Meditations

The blue flame is the arousal of the real. It is the energy which sexuality becomes when it is freed of repression and erotic imaginings. It is the true start of tantra as a meditation and spiritual path.
This is an opportunity to experience the meditation, the awareness that is your birthright as a human being.  


Retreat Starts: 6pm on Wednesday 18th December
Retreat ends: 4pm on Sunday 22nd December

The above costs include all facilitation and 3 x vegetarian meals per day
Accommodation costs are additional – discuss the options with us.

Bookings and Enquiries: 
Rhianne van der Linde OR 0836791297
Book soon as places are limited.

Facebook event page

Recommended reading: The Rocky Horror Tantra Book
Paperback available from Amazon company Createspace
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