Friday, March 07, 2014



Yoni massage instruction for men and women
Facilitated by Candace Beth Michael

This course is offered to men and women interested in learning how to support the awakening of female sexual energy.  Learning to flush a woman’s body with sexual vigour, and inspire her to open joyfully to her sexual nature. Those interested in offering something powerful to the cultivation of harmony and deeper intimacy in relating, and those sincerely desiring to uplift, support and delight in the feminine.

Instruction includes elements of Tantric Bodywork and careful instruction on how to give to a woman in this way, learning to listen to her body and respond appropriately to allow her to soften and open. You will learn how to gently guide her breath and support whatever movement comes from and through her body.

Yoni massage or internal vaginal massage is central to this practice and we will absolutely cover all the practical aspects here but more important are the right attitude and sensitivity, as these are what will be most strongly perceived by her and will determine the depth and bounty of the experience for both giver and receiver.

Time: 5pm  -  9pm

Dates: I will be repeating this piece for  three months. One evening is a complete process however you are welcome to book more than one date for a deeper understanding.  Dates to be announced for May, June and July..

Venue: Kalk Bay, Cape Town. 

Cost: R2300

Please contact me for booking.   
Candace Beth Michael
071 345 2453