Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weave of the Heart - Goa - December 2014

4-18 December 2014

A two week intensive residential retreat in Goa, with three teachers.

Experiencing and learning touch work followed by deep exploration of eroticism … which, with any luck at all, clears the culture's imprints and training enough for you to experience the direct truths of tantric meditations.

For everyone? … No.

It is rated NSFB, and is what we call "practitioner-level" in that, in addition to your own work, you will, directly, or at minimum, indirectly, be helping others with their work too.  Most of those booked so far have been students for a while, several of them for a few years.If this article, which is about our retreat/group work sounds scary, please be (no doubt intelligently) scared. If it sounds like a great opportunity for indulgence, think again … but if it resonates with you, and if you believe you have made (or can, before December, make) a good start in exploring the ways of Tantra, it might be time to book your spot on:

Weave of the Heart

A two-week residential retreat in Goa, India. Prepare yourself for a deep immersion in the techniques, attitudes and secrets of tantra. Unplug from your everyday reality and accept this opportunity to sink into a space of deep vulnerability and surrender. Learn how to live from a place of being unguarded yet still able to function and navigate in the world. Experience in your essence the revelation that by not denying what is the ecstasy arises of its own accord.

On this retreat you will be supported by powerful Tantra teachers each with their own unique flavour and way of unlocking you. Every day there will be tantric meditations, group work, individual sessions and evening meetings which are open to non-residential visitors.

* Accommodation in a beautiful retreat center in North Goa
* Price includes food and accommodation
* There will be time each day to explore and get a taste of India
* We will arrange for you to be collected from the Goa airport or bus station & dropped off again when the retreat is over.
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