Monday, January 11, 2016

TANTRIC FIRES - two intensive residential retreats March 2016

The teachers: 

Dakini Wendy

About Wendy and the school:
"I must start by saying I have been quite a cynic of much of that which falls under the name 'Tantra'. However the experience of the Advait Tantra School is something quite unique and beautiful. Upon meeting Wendy in particular- now a dear friend- I experienced a literal palpable sensation of open heartedness and love... I dare say even bliss. She's brilliant, awake, aware, and a dear Beloved. I would recommend her work with anyone interested in an authentic experience." ~ Maya Yonika

Sw. Rahasya

Rahasya started his exploration of tantra and related teachings in 1983. Most of his practical training was from Osho's community of tantra teachers.

 From 2002, since his own completion of the path, he has been teaching tantra. His primary work is to guide a few exceptional women to their flowering as Dakinis truly worthy of the title.

He teaches groups and workshops, intensive retreats and in private individuals and couples sessions.

Intensive Residential Retreats:

Prepare yourself for a deep immersion in the techniques, attitudes and secrets of tantra. Unplug from your everyday reality and accept this opportunity to sink into a space of deep vulnerability and surrender. Learn how to live from a place of being unguarded yet still able to function and navigate in the world. Experience in your essence the revelation that by not denying what is the ecstasy arises of its own accord.

On these retreats you will be supported by powerful Tantra teachers and advanced students of the school, each with their own unique flavour and way of supporting your increasing awareness. 

This work is very powerful and can be disturbing to some. For both of these retreats an interview  (in person or on skype) is required before booking. 

Tantric Fires Introductory Retreat, 18-23 March, is a an initiatory exploration of the methods and approaches of this school's work. Through touch work, deep inquiry, guided meditations and tantric practices, personal truths are discovered and an uncommon level of awareness is gained. 
Previous experience of the work of this school, Shakti Malan, Andrew Barnes or ISTA is urged, but is not a requirement. 

Tantric Fires Advanced Retreat, 23-28 March, is for those with significant experience of our work in groups, retreats or sessions. Rated NSFB and Practitioner-Level, which means that, in addition to your own work, you will, directly, or at minimum, indirectly, be helping others with their work too. 
Previous experience of our work is strongly recommended. This work is hugely liberating and significantly challenging.


The Blue Butterfly in Tulbach. Under 2 hours from Cape Town

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